Poppy RustyBus is completely at home here!

First things first, I ought to introduce you all to the wonderful Poppy Rustybus! At 21-years-old and with well over 129,000 miles on the clock, she’s had plenty of adventures already. But this new lease of life for Poppy will see her stories told as she takes me on many more travels across this green and pleasant land.

Together we will continue on our endless search for great food, inspiring people, and thrilling experiences everywhere we go. Not only will these stories be found here on our site, but also keep your eyes peeled for our column in Devon Life magazine where we feature the best local producers of quality food.


But wait! There’s more! Oh yes! We’re not just writing about these trips, we’re also filming them as part of our new video series “The Adventures of Poppy RustyBus” which will be FREE to view for everyone.

If you’re a food producer, supplier, restaurant or street food seller, or if you’re organising some exhilarating activities and events that Poppy and I might enjoy, then get in touch!

Personally, I’m quite excited, and I hope you all are too.

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